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About Particle41

Technology Recruitment Is
Expensive & Time-Consuming

Your vision shouldn’t have to wait—we’ll lend you the expertise you need to get your next project to market.

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We rescue projects put in peril by skills shortages.

Success Requires The Best

We know how hard it is to hire the right people with the right skills. Lost IP, delays, ballooning costs—all this and more because you hired the wrong person for the job. It’s why we rigorously train our people to fit seamlessly into your team. Everyone is carefully vetted to get you the job done right the first time.

● Avoid expensive and lengthy recruitment processes.
● Gain an expert focused solely on your project.
● Maintain full visibility from Day One to project completion.

Good People Are Hard To Find

Even once you do find them, they’re hard to keep. Often one project needs the technical expertise of more than one person.

At Particle41, we believe it shouldn’t be so hard to find the right technical talent to make your project a reality.

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The Right People Make It Happen

Get help with projects at any stage of development.