About Us

Creating cutting-edge solutions starts with establishing a world-class culture. Being part of the Particle41 team means being part of a family that’s dedicated to collective improvement and success.

By pursuing long-term partnerships instead of short-term projects, we’re helping businesses achieve their goals today and build toward a more profitable future.

Our Story

Particle41 was founded out of a desire to change the way businesses develop solutions to achieve unique goals. Rather than viewing clients as transactions, we always look for ways to develop long-term partnerships that make indefinite growth possible.

That fact is evident in our name. We’re named after the 41st element in the periodic table: Niobium. This metal is unmatched in its ability to strengthen other metals, which is precisely how we strive to be seen by our clients. We exist simply to strengthen your internal team with a team of our own. The cutting-edge solutions we deploy for you are a byproduct of that relationship.

In an industry flooded with over-promising and under-delivering, that’s how Particle41 is doing things differently.

Core Values