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Our goal is to get your dream project off the ground.

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About Particle41

Why Particle41?

Particle41 is named after Niobium, a metal whose ability to strengthen other metals is unmatched.

We exist to strengthen your team with a team of our own that is uniquely able to exceed expectations during every step of a project. In a marketplace flooded with partners who over-promise and under-deliver, Particle41 is doing things differently.

We were founded by industry veterans passionate about doing right by our clients, and everything we do as a company is guided by our core values.

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Our Core Values

We’re flexible and adaptable, but everything we do is built upon three core values.


    We communicate with you openly and comprehensively.

    The objective is to operate as an extension of the client’s engineering team.


    While time-to-market is critical for you, velocity does not mean building fast with the expectation of breaking things.

    Instead, we’re committed to building fast and smart without cutting corners.


    We believe in building upon your vision for delivering products and services.

    This means carefully executing on that vision and dynamically improving it throughout the dev cycle.


    One of the key fears our clients have is that they can’t truly rely on external engineering teams.

    We strive to show, not tell, our clients that P41 can be relied upon to consistently deliver.