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E-Commerce Growth Can Be Unpredictable

Use Retail DevOps To Automate, Stabilize, & Strategize

Your eCommerce site has often erratic technology demands, and you’re expected to keep it all consistently available and infinitely scalable. That’s a tall order because you also have to deliver:

Rapid new service and feature releases

  • Instant error correction
  • Automated infrastructure support at a low cost
  • Secure data processes and cyber security
  • Multi-channel integration

To truly deliver the kind of customer experience your customers want, your organization must adopt cloud administrations, microservice design, and containers for quick arrangement in various conditions. To reap the benefits of these new technologies and reduce costs, ecommerce needs DevOps.

Why DevOps Works For Online Retailers

Rapid changes and version control

DevOps encourages teams to increase the frequency of changes. This way you can make faster improvements more reliably and securely. And if you make an error, DevOps enables version controls, so you can return to the previous version of the product.

Build complex code, faster

DevOps reduces IT development costs by building automation. Just like how the assembly-line changed the face of manufacturing by automating and compartmentalizing tasks, DevOps gives developers a solution to make more complex and more cost-effective code.

Infrastructure as code

DevOps lets you change your infrastructure like you change your code to suit your business at any phase of growth. If your infrastructure has solid DevOps practices, then all you need to do is make one small change in your code to create a new node or change your active directory. This eliminates the need for manual configuration and updating of individual components of the entire system.

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Trust Particle41 To Set You Up for DevOps Success

Particle41 brings developers and IT together by combining the two halves of the application development lifecycle: infrastructure and development. We have the experience to take your online business and help it scale as you grow. Partnering with Particle41 for DevOps as early as the architecture design step creates the most efficient environment possible, allowing you to take advantage of rapid application development. You get your products to market faster, adjust them rapidly, and increase revenue.

Particle41 - E-Commerce for DevOps

  • Get metrics on your development process that gives you a real window into your business
  • Get better lines of communication and collaboration between teams – QA, Development, Infrastructure
  • Use your testing and QA environment so that they are stable
  • Document each process and how it contributes to the project
  • Get feedback from Developers

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We've Done Great Work With DevOps for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Infrastructure Automation

Imagine 20 years of servers upgraded from one version of Windows to another—systems added one piece at a time with very little planning and no written documentation. If a system broke, IT would be sometimes be forced to spend days troubleshooting. By leveraging the tooling they were already using, Particle 41 recreated their entire build process into re-useable templates, fixed poorly architected shortcuts in their applications, and brought the build pipeline into a set of reusable building blocks.

Development Pipeline

Particle 41 built a pipeline that included a clean hand-off from the software development team to the deployment team, which created an automated deployment process. To do this, we cross-trained a developer to execute migration engineering and then set up a uniform set of dev, QA, and production environments. The deployment process re-uses the same build artifact in each environment, eliminates the guesswork, and 99% of the human error.

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