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What you need to know about DevOps, data science, and application development.

Why Share Insights?

A lot of company blogs serve as a platform for CEOs to feel like a sage. They can dispense wisdom about some topic or another, and the social media person has something to link to. 

We don’t have that kind of ego. Maybe we should, but we’re more interested in saving you grief. Our whole mission is helping projects that are in trouble, so we have learned a thing or two. Here we share solutions to the most common issues, in both short form notes from our team and longer articles.

Notes From The Team

The Future Of OTT

Strategic entanglements of the digital era have changed the dynamics of the video streaming industry. This is especially for OTT

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Big Data Analytics for the Retail Space

Big data is powering millions of businesses across industries. It’s transforming the way companies interact with their customers, sell products and services, and approach business strategy. Organizations can now access more data today

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