Case Study: Mumford Restoration


Mumford Restoration was in the process of reworking its operational technologies and processes. Poor software integration was a major issue for the antiques restoration company; their various software didn’t share information well and created duplicative work.

“We have several different software tools that we use to manage our business: our proprietary sales software, HubSpot, and QuickBooks,” said Zach Mumford, General Manager of Mumford Restoration. “When you put information into one program, it wouldn’t talk to the other programs. You’d have to do everything three times in order for everything to make sense.”

According to Zach, Mumford Restoration’s proprietary sales software was “built in house, and parts of it were not beautifully built.”

Mumford Restoration had been working with agency consultants from Ripple Group, who inititally recognized the problem. Ripple Group identified how Mumford Restoration could improve efficiency with integrated software platforms and introduced Mumford Restoration to a partner with deep expertise in complex business systems integrations: Particle41.

Mumford’s technology consultant, Ripple Group, had a long-standing relationship with a development firm that had expertise in streamlining disparate systems. Enter Particle41.


Mumford Restoration identified objectives for how they wanted their workflows to function. From there, Particle41 skillfully integrated Mumford Restoration’s sales software with HubSpot and QuickBooks. “It was a really easy transition going with Particle41 at the beginning of the project,” said Zack.

Rather than entering information for a new prospect or customer three different times, a salesperson can now enter the information just once; the data automatically populates across all three systems.

“Working with HubSpot and QuickBooks and syncing it with our proprietary program was no small project,” said Zach, “but Particle41 was able to adapt and see the issues that needed to be addressed for our software integration to work.”

“I can see the impact,” Zach said. “The financial admin is less overwhelmed, not having to create all of the estimates and invoices manually. Having the marketing data that we need for marketing campaigns has been huge as well.”

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