Case Study: Non-Profit Organization


The entertainment industry NPO had been managing their website internally, which included web development and site maintenance.

It started with the recognition of the growing importance of their web presence and adaptability. The NPO wanted to find an outsourced solution for web development, along with operational support, like QA and expertise in DevOps. The NPO also hosts a couple of major events per year. These events cause their website usage sees a 300% to 400% spike in daily users. They needed a team who could single-handedly provide for their year-round needs, as well as provide enhanced security, uptime reliability, and preparation during usage spikes.


The NPO found everything they were looking for when they partnered with Particle41, from web development to QA and DevOps.

According to one of the NPO’s managing directors, Particle41 provided “consistent access to developers,” and “very good account management,” while executing highly efficient and aggressive software development cycles that often fall within tight deadlines. The inclusion of Particle41’s QA team was similarly successful. They “provided additional rigor and reliability in our development process,” said the managing director—something the NPO simply could not manage prior to partnering with Particle41.

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