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Our talent can help you execute even the most ambitious ideas.

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Existing Project Reboots

There Are Many Hurdles To Success

But A Technical Skills Gap Shouldn’t Be One Of Them

You have a plan for something big. Maybe it’s the next world-changing app, or the custom Cloud architecture needed to take your business to the next level.

Whatever it is, it’s going to take hard work, smart planning, and the right technical skills. And at Particle41, we’re dedicated to bringing the right tools and talent to the table to make your great idea the next big thing.

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Here’s How Our Team Will Work With Yours

No matter what type of talent you hire, we’re dedicated solely to accomplishing your
goals-and giving you complete visibility into the process.

    Daily Stand-Up Meetings

    Your project team meets at the start of each day to be briefed on the project’s status and to clearly establish the new day’s project goals.


    Project team members work both collaboratively & independently on the day’s project sprint, which sees the entire team aligned, working toward clear goals.

    Daily Client Communication

    Near the end of the day, your project manager will be in direct contact with you providing updates, asking critical questions, and hearing any of your concerns.

    Sprint Retrospectives

    Your team will close each day by reviewing the work that was done, creating a plan for goals that weren’t achieved, and preparing for the next day of your project.

The Tools We Use

We deliver best-in-class cloud systems integration and application development, and do so utilizing the tools we know will enable us to offer high-performing solutions.

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Sometimes the brilliance of our final vision can make it hard to see the next steps. If you’re creating an app but not sure where to go next, just take our five-minute quiz. It’ll ask key questions to see where you are and how much further you still have to go.

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