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What Do You Need To Succeed?

We can source people with the right skills to help you at any stage of your project.

App Development

Application Development

Whether you need to create a totally new app to solve unique problems, have existing projects that require a new partner, or require outside assistance with software integrations, Particle41 is here to assemble the best possible team to handle all of your app development needs.

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Data Science

There is no standard for organizing the vast amount of data produced by both proprietary and open technologies. It takes both creativity and experience to craft the solutions necessary to get the most out of this information. That’s exactly what a hand-selected Particle41 data science team provides.

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Creating any custom solution that involves cloud architecture comes with its own set of challenges due to the sheer complexity of the process.

The best way to overcome these obstacles is to partner with a team that believes in the power of adept DevOps and has both the creativity & expertise to customize a partnership to suit your needs.

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Existing Project Reboots

Fraction CTO Services

A Fractional CTO is an expert technology executive that provides advisory services to help you implement complex technology projects without the executive price tag and long-term commitment.

Particle41 offers Fractional CTO Services for clients of all sizes that require specific expertise but do not want a full-time executive on the payroll. Your Fractional CTO will draw upon decades of experience across industries and use cases. Whatever project you face, chances are that someone on our team has executed a similar plan with success. Leveraging advisory services from a Particle41 Fractional CTO allows your business to focus on its core competencies, mission, and next big project. Let industry experts iron out the back-end details of your future technology operations.

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With Particle41, You’re Getting More Than Just Technical Expertise

We give you a dedicated Project Manager to keep your project on track.

Without the right project management, even the best projects can go off track. That’s why we include a dedicated project manager, Scrum, and daily progress updates in Particle41 engagement.

Our team is here to make yours stronger, and that includes guaranteeing that we work adhere to our values of Visibility, Vision, and Velocity.

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Wondering Why Your App Project Isn’t Making Any Progress?

Take our online assessment to see if you’re asking the right questions.

Sometimes the brilliance of our final vision can make it hard to see the next steps. If you’re creating an app but not sure where to go next, just take our five-minute quiz. It’ll ask key questions to see where you are and how much further you still have to go.

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