Data Science

Data is the most valuable asset of companies around the world, yet they don’t have the necessary solutions in place to make the data actionable. That’s where Particle41’s data science services enter the equation.

There is no standard for organizing the vast amount of data produced by both proprietary and open technologies. It takes both creativity and experience to craft the solutions necessary to get the most out of this information. That’s exactly what a hand-selected Particle41 data science team provides.

Empowering Your Data

Whether creating new data tools or optimizing existing technology, Particle41’s data science expertise can transform your data into actionable insights.

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, your business can stay ahead of the curve by automating workflows, simplifying decision-making, and being a more valuable resource to your customers.

All you need is the right partner to empower your data.

Solving Complex Problems With Data Science

Following our proven process, we start a data science engagement by evaluating your needs & current solutions. We then consider how all existing solutions could be leveraged to solve the problems at hand. From there, we design new data tools if necessary and test the entire system for points of failure.

Our teams are built to strengthen yours, so we don’t simply hand off a machine learning or AI solution and hope for the best. Particle41 stands by your team, providing training, migration, and documentation services that ensure you get the most out of your tools.

We Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights By:

    Crafting Data Architectures Purpose-Built For Data Analysis

    Evaluating & Optimizing Your Technology & Tools

    Designing & Testing New Data Tools

    Testing Your Systems To Identify Points of Failure

    Providing Training, Migration, & Documentation Services