Fractional CTO Services

Unlock advanced tech leadership on your own terms

Existing Project Reboots

Fractional CTO Services:

  • Total Cost of Ownership Workbook

    Spring your ideas into action with realistic guide rails to keep your budget in check.

  • Risk Assessment

    Mitigate financial risk following expert guidance in build-or-buy scenarios.

  • Decision-Making Analysis

    Maximize your potential with guidance from industry veterans with decades of expertise.

  • Identifying Challenges and Opportunities

    Gain an outside evaluation of your current staff and technology maturity

  • Particle41 Associations

    Grow your professional network with Particle41’s wide net of collaborators and partners.

Our fractional CTO services enable scalability for rapid growth and timely disruption, inspire technological business transformations, and deliver expert vision to guide sustainable operations for years to come.

Troubleshoot Your Bottlenecks With A Laser Focus

P41 asks the right questions to provide recommendations that deliver the right impact

Initial Audit

Initial audit of your vision and strategy helps us understand where you are so we can recommend where to go.

Current State Evaluation

Inventory the performance of your technology, software, and business organization. Develop a keen understanding of your company’s maturity within your industry.

Solutions and Recommendations

Craft a custom-fit, strategic roadmap to outpace the market.

A Fractional CTO is an expert technology executive that provides advisory services to help you implement complex technology projects without the executive price tag and long-term commitment.

Your Business Requirements Are The Foundation

When you work with us, we take the time to discover your challenges and expectations. Here are 3 key areas we discuss during our engagement.

Security & Compliance

We ask questions to determine if you need to be compliant with any third-party standards like PCI, SOC2, etc.


How do you want to scale in the future? Before we establish you plan we review your goals, make sure they are SMART. Identify bottlenecks that could hinder growth

Availability & Performance

We review the current team and identify any skill gaps that will prevent achievement of the goals. We ensure safe passage of your objectives.

Why Choose a Fractional CTO?

Even the most tech-minded CEOs require key technology partners to shape the vision, strategy, and success of their business. A Particle41 Fractional CTO offers this guidance at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO, saving your business time and resources. We make the informed decisions with clarity.

With salary, benefits, and equity, a full-time CTO can cost as much as an entire Dev team. Partnering with Particle41 for Fractional CTO services unlocks all the value of a full-time CTO plus an expert team of industry veterans to help your business achieve its technology goals for less.

Fractional CTOs allow you to maximize value and gain the expertise you need on your own terms without giving up equity.