Technical Infrastructure That’s Secure, Available, And Scalable

Build infrastructure you can rely on.

Your IT Infrastructure Supports Your Operations. When It Fails, So Can Your Business.

Infrastructure issues can be incredibly frustrating to manage when your business changes, disrupting your workflow.

But you shouldn’t have to suffer the business consequences because you lack the resources to fix the problem.

Constantly Playing "Catch-Up" Is Hard

At Particle41, we get that speed is important when it comes to your systems’ performance and design. Our team can help you build a stronger and faster IT framework, so your technology can scale as your business grows.

Particle41 Can Help You Diagnose And Manage Your Infrastructure Problems

We help you understand what’s causing your issues today. Is your front-end? Your hosting? Your back-end? At Particle41, we help you diagnose your infrastructure issues by applying application performance monitoring at each level, because continuing operations without diagnosing the problem can be disastrous.

Whether you need to get your IT infrastructure to scale with your business growth, comply with privacy laws, or increase availability in the cloud, P41 can help. We help you understand business requirements before building infrastructure that supports getting your project to market.

Troubleshoot Your Infrastructure Issues With A Laser Focus

P41 asks the right questions to provide solutions that deliver the right impact


When it comes to your on-premises applications, we make sure they’re ready for the cloud. And in any cloud infrastructure vendor, we verify that you understand your AWS bill and its impact on your business.

Front End

You need to make the right framework choices before implementing Node.js to scale the front-end of your apps. Do you know how seamlessly your application interfaces with your back-end? Our team can help you find out.

Back End

Your databases are powering your business from behind the scenes. It’s crucial to choose the right type of database for your needs and monitor it regularly to ensure your infrastructure is healthy.

Your Business Requirements Are The Foundation Of The Infrastructure We Build

When you work with us, we take the time to discover your knowledge level and expectations about your company’s IT infrastructure. Here are 3 key areas we discuss during our engagement.

Security & Compliance

We ask questions to determine if you need to be compliant with any national or international privacy laws. Then we find a solution to protect your systems and keep your data secure.


How do you want to scale in the future? Before we build your infrastructure, we consider what requirements you need today and then we plan for future requirements based on your projected budget.

Availability & Performance

We build infrastructure that can enable your applications to perform quickly and your data to always be available when you need it.

It’s Time Your Infrastructure Supported You

Imagine the project and business goals you can accomplish if you weren’t distracted by issues with your hardware, network, application, or databases.

Your IT infrastructure is meant to be a strong framework you can rely on, so it’s time to stop supporting your infrastructure and build one that supports you.

Ready to Fortify Your IT Infrastructure?

Don’t let poor IT infrastructure prevent your applications from running at their best. Call P41 today, and we’ll provide the team capable of providing a custom solution for your business needs.