Application Development

The success of a modern business hinges on many digital factors. One critical piece of the puzzle is the quality of both internal and consumer-facing applications. We specialize in building applications that deliver precisely what your users want, no matter who they may be.

Whether you need to create a totally new app to solve unique problems, have existing projects that require a new partner, or require outside assistance with software integrations, Particle41 is here to assemble the best possible team to handle all of your app development needs.

App Development

App Development

The Particle41 process is designed to guide projects seamlessly from discovery to deployment & analysis. This makes our team a uniquely qualified partner for your next new application development project.

We start by understanding your goals and the needs of your users, no matter who they may be. From there, we begin building & testing your solution until we know it exceeds your expectations across the board.

We construct new apps using AWS tools and take exhaustive precautions to ensure anything we create together will integrate seamlessly with whatever you’re currently using.

Existing Project Reboots

Existing Project Reboots

While there are many teams who can create the solution you need from scratch, it takes a firm like Particle41 to step into an existing project and get it across the finish line. Our mission is to be a team that strengthens yours. We will do whatever it takes to take your stalled project and transform it into a finished product.

Before we take over an active project, we take a step back and evaluate your initial goals for the app and where the app currently stands. From there, we determine what to keep, what work to redo, and what our timeline looks like for completion. The end result is a solution that solved your original painpoints and now has the support of Particle41 behind it.

Software Integrations

Software Integrations

The most innovative tools are only useful if they function as a seamless part of your software ecosystem.

Our integration experts ensure that every application we build integrates with all of your existing services and APIs. At Particle41, we don’t just create functional applications. We create powerful solutions built to move the needle for your business.

Our Application Development Commitment

    Our applications are built to scale with you and perform at the highest level.

    We ensure every application will integrate seamlessly with your existing services.

    We build using AWS tools that are well-understood and exceptionally reliable.

    We will update your existing legacy applications & carefully train your team.